"Writing is no answer but when you feel deeply there is little else to do." -- James Baker Hall

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Interview with Normandi Ellis on Jamie Dawn Radio

Here is the link. https://www.12radio.com/hosts/C49CB585C58F6CD8/JamieDawn_2_21_2019.mp3?fbclid=IwAR1Yed5AomNx4xRW4nJ-Op-qrLottpJYP07mmfmSRUmzHTd2kbXj8B0oxgY

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Medju Seshet - The Word of the Goddess

When Voices in Spirit say do something, and I get the goose bumps, I usually do it. I don't often know why. Like years ago now, I heard a voice say "You need to start a blog called "The Goddess and the Open Book Test," and I thought 'That's a silly name. Why would I start a blog called that?'

And she said, "Because I say so. … You'll see."

So I did. And now I see.  The Word of the Goddess (Medju Seshet) started out with my telling stories about trips to Egypt, then announcing writing classes, and now here I am several years later having completed a book (February 14th- Kiss me) called Medju Seshet: The Lady's Book of Oracles.*

 It began with classes I taught in Hieroglyphic Thinking, which kept expanding and then went straight into automatic writing and the book began to take shape. It offers up the 30 years of study I've done with the Egyptian hieroglyphs. In addition, I've created a series of meditations for each glyph.  It also offers ways to use the hieroglyphs as oracles. I hope to place them on a deck of cards and offer those as well as the book. And there are ways to do the layouts.

So as if that massive project weren't enough the Goddess said, "I want you to start a priestess school." I said, "What? I can't do that. I'm too busy. I'm not all That!" And then she reminded me of a dream that I had had in which Lady Olivia Robertson, of the Fellowship of Isis, came to me in a dream and said "What will you do for the Fellowship of Isis?" and I told her Lady Olivia, whatever you ask. "Done," she said and disappeared.

So now the voice of the Goddess comes back and says to me, "You already agreed. You said you would do it.  Now is the time."

So now Is the Time! I began a school wherein those who love the Goddess can come to study, and perhaps be ordained if they choose. I didn't know what to call it until I stood outside my favorite little spot in Edfu where Seshet kept the temple prayers on scrolls, and I was leading the meditation with my travelers to receive their Akashic record from Seshet.  Someone took my picture and there was standing across from me, a cluster of orbs that as I looked at them created the outline of the Goddess herself.  The school is called PAHS * or Per Ankh Het Seshet translated as The House of Life in the Temple of Seshet.

And I reckon I'll create a new blog on that. She seems to be talking to me. I better be listening.

* Book will be published by Bear&Co/Inner Traditions Fall 2019 I hope.