"Writing is no answer but when you feel deeply there is little else to do." -- James Baker Hall

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Night Crossing into Egypt

We just returned from one of the best trips to Egypt ever.  Still feeling the heady rush of having been rapt in 18 days of wonder, sailing long into the night toward God source. A few poems.  (Please be kind and do not copy, although I appreciate your posting the blog note.)

Hymn to the Universe

Here I am amid your thousand splendors.
Here I am longing for love that says a holy “Yes”
because there is no fear.

Hand of God, hold mine.
Push yourself into my body, penetrate me
with the sacred conjunctio of heaven and earth.
The body longs for the divine with a thingly language,
having forgotten the shrine that it is.

The god within is
a subtle shift of breathing.

Full Moon Sonata

Did the Moon god nibble on his reed pen
and write with moonlight in the Nile all night?
Or were we simply drunk with dancing?
Were we in love with our imaginations and  memories?
All night long the music danced across the skin of water;
All night long we held our breath at the amazement of it--
Furious white script on the liquid black canvas of the Nile.
Orion lay on his side asleep in the yellow sand hills.
Sothis whispered chansons, “Arise, Beloved. Arise.”
I leaned over the deck to trail my fingers in the water.
See Thoth. I am your scribe up late, writing all night, too.
You were there with me, dancing, smiling.
Did you see the moon writing a poem full of light for you?
Did you see me write this one, too?


In the secret bones of her skull
pasts and futures intertwine
mothers and fathers
in hot desires turning
souls into stars,
turning their magic into me.
With sky blue eyes
the Great Wife appears,
starlight streams over her breasts,
runs in rivulets between her legs.
She sighs and arches
from horizon to horizon,
arms above her head,
reaching into invisibility.
She comes
ancient mother songs;
Stretch out your arms
and touch the sky humming.


  1. Normandi...Beautiful as always and absolutely wonderful. I feel as if I were there with you enjoying the intoxication of the light dancing on the water and words swirling between the earth and sky inside my heart. Lovely!

  2. Brilliant! Feel like I am there again in eternal Egypt!

  3. I LOOOOVE how beautifully magic flows from your heart!