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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What's a Hieros Gamos?

The late Philip Coppens said the sacred marriage, or hieros gamos, was often considered the holy Grail of sexual union. This might be understood as the marriage of the king and queen, or the high priest and priestess in the temple, or the union of the king and the land, and even the sexual exchange between Pharaoh and concubines in some cases. A kind of sexual ecstasy was often attributed to this sacred union, in which one’s consciousness became the penultimate God consciousness during ecstasy.
The Greeks said that this kind of sacred marriage was only possible between a God and goddess, but Gnostic and Celtic legends attributed it to an enlightened sexual union between two spiritual beings – often soaring spiritual heights could be attained as a magical practice. Some say the union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which created the holy child of Cathar legend, might also be seen as a hieros gamos.
Whatever its exact description, its intention was always a moment of rebirth and renewal. It is a marriage that is blessed by the divine. When God attends this union each one is infused with the energy of the other; like Yin and Yang wherein a part of one takes residence within the other. From this union a sacred child comes forth.

This excerpt comes from the Hierosgamos of Hathor and Horus, an ancient Egyptian celebration in honor of the May Queen, beloved of the pharaoh.  If you would like to know more about this celebration or any of the celebations of the ancient Egptins, sign up for a month or a whole year of Feasts of Light: Celebrations of the Egyptian Goddesses, hosted by Mystery School of the Goddess.  http://mysteryschoolofthegoddess.net/

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