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Monday, December 4, 2017

Egypt in Your Living Room

When people want to attend Egyptian Mystery School, they cannot always travel to Egypt. Things like family, money, politics, etc. get in the way. And when I teach on the road, people are not always able to travel to attend the workshops where I am teaching.  So I am trying an experiment of a sort. I am going to teach online -- provided I have a class of about 8 people who would be willing to attend all 4 of the following workshops.
I am opening registration now and would love to hear from you before the end of the year. Send me a text and we can work out payments for the 4 classes (Checks, Square, Paypal, etc.)  I want you to share your information widely with friends. I think we can do this class.

Egyptian Mystery School
Two-hour online classes are held on Zoom at 9 pm (Eastern) or 6 pm (Pacific) every third Thursday of each month. ($25) To register email ellisisis@gmail.com.
Hieroglyphic Thinking: The Symbolic & the Real                          JAN 18
Hieroglyphs were the language and body of gods used to construct realities. We see how Heka became the magical consciousness of priests, dreamers and sorcerers.
The Form of Spirit and the Spirit of Form                                        FEB 15
This class synthesizes the Nine Spiritual Bodies of the Ancient Egyptians, the Qabala and the way in which the ancient healer/shaman understood all forms as vibration. Learn how each subtle body influences our lives.
Introduction to the Book of the Dead                                             MAR 15
This "travel guide to the underworld” helps the soul move through states of consciousness into the next life. Included are maps of the next world, what to expect, who to meet and what to say. Through Books of the Afterlife spanning 3000 years. We explore the natural laws that underpin an ancient, shamanic initiation.
Astral Egypt: As Above So Below                                                     APR 19
An ancient Egyptian look at dreams and various levels of consciousness beyond ordinary perception of reality. A guide to heaven & hell as states of consciousness.
Please Pre-register for Events
Call 765-606-7119 รณ   Email  ellisisisis @gmail.com  

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