"Writing is no answer but when you feel deeply there is little else to do." -- James Baker Hall

Saturday, January 20, 2018

WORKING WITH PURPOSE: An Exploration of Spiritual Autobiography

Lately I’ve been waking from deep dreams with the startling realization that after 64 years I am still in this body, and many of my friends are not. I wake with the deep recognition that I shall not always be here. Are you feeling the unanswered questions, too? "My Purpose Is... What have I learned in this journey thus far? Have I engaged with my life as my soul required?"

I find myself going to the bookshelf the moment I leap from bed and I pull down one of my journals from the shelf. I’ve kept a journal since I was nine and while my life has not always been well-crafted prose of my experience, it is my journey. And this is the work I have done--sometimes well and sometimes not so well--to become the person I am thus far.

This body is a container for memory. But often the feeling that our experiences are ours alone leads us into isolation and loneliness. A study of transpersonal astrology has shown me that my experiences are not so dissimilar from the experiences of other women at my various ages. Clinging to one’s personal experience leads to misunderstanding. Rather than imagining that we are writing our daily doings, imagine that the story we inhabit has been written by a divine hand. Imagine that as we share our stories with others, we build strength as a group of awakening souls.

Imagine the Akashic record keepers, writing upon tablets that contain the story of our lives, the story of a divine being sent down to earth to inhabit a form and to do some work that really matters. Our world is composed of the combined stories of all those beings of light whose souls manifest in commitment to the Great Work.

Writing your spiritual autobiography means to come to that deep level of understanding that our life is part of a larger story. Our life is the story of a living, sentient being called Earth. I am calling you to come and write with me. I am calling you to add your voice to a planetary chorus.

Please join me on February 10, 2018 at _______  Southland Drive in Lexington, Kentucky for a day of Writing Spiritual Autobiography. We begin at 9:30 am, break for lunch nearby at 12:30 pm, then reconvene from 2-5 pm. $50. Limit 16 participants. Please preregister by February 3rd.  Need more details? Email ellisisis@gmail.com or Message me at 765-606-7119.

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